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Tracing Family Roots

Ireland's history can be traced back to the Stone Age. There is tangible evidence of this as we see throughout the landscape, historical sites that have withstood the test of time, each one a witness to a unique and chequered past.

Throughout the nineteenth century many young Irish men and women left these shores and travelled throughout Europe, with many others crossing oceans to the United States and Australia. In recent times relatives of many of those emigrants have returned to Ireland to trace their roots.

Equipped with whatever information that has been passed down to them from one generation to the next they strive to piece together their family tree. Finding the remains of a homestead or any other affirmation can be so important in establishing links that join the centuries. Tracing that piece of vital evidence makes the journey worthwhile and illuminates a vital portion of their ancestor's past.

We at Galway Bay Executive Travel will assist you in tracing the path of your relatives and we will help you in identifying townlands and locating grave sites. In fact we will strive to assist in every way possible in identifying your family history.

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